Tuesday 14th April 2020

With the sun shining and BBQs filling the air with yummy goodness, I have been struggling to copy and paste sections of my story into my new rewrite and blend it together. I have noticed that my writing styles are different between my first draft and my rewrite. Although this is proving to be a difficult task for me, I am determined to persevere if it means getting my novel finished.

I have downloaded some recent mystery novels to read once I have finished reading the Sookie Stackhouse books and I have downloaded a book to help with my writing.

Although it is lockdown with all it’s uncertainties, I have less time than I thought I initially would! My eight year old daughter requires my undivided attention by showing me numerous YouTube videos and ropes me in to playing Barbies or Hatchimals or wants to go scooting. I also have two dogs that need attention and my poor fiancé is doing most of the gardening and shopping so I can focus on my daughter and writing.

In the midst of all this chaos, I have found a basic structure that works for me. I shut myself in my bedroom without my fiancé, daughter or dogs – just my laptop and my notes. So far it has worked and allowed me to write a lot of my novel. Until my daughter knocks on the door wanting a biscuit, to converse or to ask for help with something, I manage to get at least an hours worth of writing finished.

One thing I have learnt over the past year is that writing isn’t easy. In fact, it’s challenging. There are so many things I want to get right first time round and I have had to accept that this won’t happen. My resilience is strengthening by the day though, every cloud!

For those of you that are reading my blogs, I want to thank you for listening to my waffling, for being my shoulder to cry on, and for being supportive. Speak next week!

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