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Thursday 17th September 2020

Wow – it has been a tiresome two weeks! I apologise for not having written on here for a while; I’ve struggled getting back into the routine of work. My house has gone back to looking like a bomb site and I feel permanently tired, but it’s nice to be back at work, keeping busy. My new year 3 class are lovely, including the class teacher and my daughter is doing well in her new class as well. The school have been fantastic at helping everyone settle back into our new normal; the staggered start times and end times have flowed a lot easier and I’m getting the hang of planning for R. E – and teaching it.

My partner and I are close to living together which is great, but it may have to be further outside our town than I had anticipated. Hopefully this won’t cause too much bother with getting to and from work.

Rolo and Kinder, my dogs, were poorly last weekend so I suffered with a few nights of lost sleep, but they are all better now. They are allowed to sleep upstairs with us again and have been making the most of bedtime snuggles.

My daughter’s glasses broke so I decided to book an eye test as she was a few months overdue because of lockdown and now has to wait for two weeks for her new glasses to be delivered to store. I know it can’t be helped, COVID-19 has a lot to answer for, but it’s frustrating that she’s without glasses as she goes back to school and needs them to read the board etc.

Anyway, I have finished Sookie Stackhouse #12 and am reading #13 on the rare occasion that my eyes remain open when I get into bed. I have so many books on my bookshelf and kindle that I have no idea what to read next! Do I read something current, or read something that’s been out for a while now? Or maybe I could start creating a detailed plan for my next novel…

I have sent off my cover letter, synopsis and first three chapters of my novel to my editor, who will be looking at it over the next few days. Eek! I’m super nervous but excited at the same time to read back through some professional feedback. I’m aware that it still needs a lot of work, but I’m hoping I’ve nailed the beginning.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend and speak next week.

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